• Installation

Installation & Commissioning

Our I&C Division provides the full range of services required to deliver individual new sites, large volume roll outs or even Special event sites that require a compete bespoke design and solution.

We can offer I&C, Electrical, Rigging and Logistical Services – anything that could be required for the successful roll out of new base stations from our customers.

As a standard service we are able to provide a full managed service for all projects which, as well as the physical delivery, includes the programming, project management, kit ordering and scheduling, data maintenance and reporting.

You can be rest assured that each Division and Department is personally overseen by its own Specialist Director

Site Consultation is arguably the most important part of the process in building a new site or upgrading a current site. This is where every aspect of the site has to be meticulously analysed so nothing can be overlooked. With our years of experience and our dedicated division we are here to offer guidance and advice across all areas of the site. We can arrange for Site Visits – JSV’s – Desktop Surveys or our very own team of CAD technicians can assist with the Technical Drawing of any site
As you can imagine with each and every Cell site in the UK requiring Power – there are many different solutions in place. This is why we believe every Cell site should be treated individually rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We are renowned for our Bespoke Power Solutions on site. We have been known to use Generators for Temp Sites all the way up to installing brand new PSU’s and commissioning them whilst on site
At DCS we have the ability to utilise all of our divisions at any one time – this is most definitely the case for Site Surveys. Having this in place is key for us and our customers as we can combine to create a complete unique Site Survey for all of our customers needs. This also allows us to undertake almost any survey that our customer requires. There really is no Survey too big or too small for any of our teams to complete. We pride ourselves on our SLA delivery time. We can guarantee that we will complete and submit any survey within the SLA provided to us by our customers