• Network support

Network support

Network support is where we pride ourselves on being among the best in the industry. This is the hardest yet most rewarding part of our whole company.

Supporting the network for our customers is pivotal in our goal. This ranges from the smallest of Surveys to the Largest of installs – However all tasks hold the same value in keeping the network running at an optimum level.

With the Network being a giant cog that is endlessly turning – inevitably it is going to need maintaining. This is also something that our team are able to undertake.

All of our engineers are cross trained across all vendors and are able to fault find any issue. Our engineers work to a very strict 4hr SLA from initial call out and will do whatever it takes to have the issue resolved.

We all work to a 24 hour 7 day a week schedule and are ALWAYS contactable.

Our specialised team that has been set up and running on some key events across Europe shows the flexibility yet professionalism that we can provide here at DCS.

Known in the Industry as IC&I. It plays a huge fundamental role in the progression for all operators. With the ever growing users for Data and Mobile Calling the need for the operators to continuously upgrade and update their networks is at an all time high. Here at DCS we specialise in all IC&I activities – We ensure all our Engineers are regularly internally audited to maintain our high expectations. With our very own 80,000SQ Foot Warehouse we have the ability to Pre Stage sites for high profile events or for any of our customers requirements.
We are confident no matter what the access issues are on site – we will be able to overcome. At DCS we have had to plan and execute some very logistically demanding sites. Ranging from crossing the River Thames in a boat to arriving on site in a Helicopter!
Our Engineers all have experience of working at several Special Events around Europe and the UK. This includes the sometimes very inflexible working times that come with this work. We have proved time and time again that Quality of Service to our customers must come first and stopping at nothing to get the job done is a must. We are always willing to provide Engineers to stay onsite throughout any event for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
At DCS we have logistics and licences all in place that allow us to Decommission a site and remove the Old Legacy Equipment – ready for collection or delivery from our warehouse to any of our customers. We can also dispose of any old Legacy Equipment that will also not be re used and requires simple disposal
With the Network spanning across all areas of the UK – There is inevitably always a need for an Engineer to attend somewhere in the UK. We pride ourselves on attending all site call outs within a 4 hour SLA. Our On call 24/7 system means that no call out or email is missed from anyone within our team. We are known to attend sites that have been involved in a RTA ( Road Traffic Accident) to survey the damage to ensure the site is back on air with as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
Across many of our projects – Both past and present there has been a need for Electrical services. We at DCS have our own Electrical division that work alongside DCS Networks. We are always ready to provide Engineers that are not only 17th Edition accredited but are I&C trained across all vendors. We have undertaken many Installs or Pre enabling sites that have required a range of Electrical Services – Ranging from running in brand new AC cabling for a cab swap to changing a breaker for a PSU